Thursday, April 29, 2010

stay classy bunny honey

make sure you get some change for the meter.

douche weiners

i got no comment on this one.

??? intense.

head between the ass

i know what you're thinking, don't even go there you dirty fucker.

douche on tits

Monday, April 26, 2010

douche on e

backstreet douches

hahaha, i give them props. imagine how much practice that took hahaha

i and jesus

imagine the tanlines...

yeah you! me?

we so cool, we so hip, we so gangsta, we so get girls, we so pout our lips, we so gel our hair, we so point fingers at the camera, we so have perfect eyebrows, we so juice, we so ....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

douche juice to the max

car full of douche juice

gel enterprise

laser trimmed beard: check

perfectly shaped eyebrows: check

ultra slim fitting shirt: check

5lbs of gel in hair: check

douche in my man-purse: check

fake diamond earring: check

live braincells: uncertain

seacrest on juice

Friday, April 23, 2010

dance of the happy

hands on douche

hahahaha don't know if i should compliment this douche for his courage, or just laugh at his expresionless terminator face.

popped collars

Redford popping his collar, yes please!!!

this douche popping four collars needs to be teabagged by his dog. On a second thought, that's an insult for the dog. seriously though, how much of an assoholic douche do you have to be to even leave your house like this, none less pretend like you're the shit. and you girl, what the fuck are you doing with him? hope he's your brother, cousin or something, anything else, you're pathetic to be even seen with douchy.

orange people

making fun of guidos is too easy, but this just needs to be seen.

two douches for the price of one

vinny: hey man, look at my chest, i just did push ups in the washroom bro. it's fucking crazy, i'm popping veins over here.

tony: i feel you bro, i just did 32 sets of curls before coming here. i can't hold this pose any longer, i'm gonna shit myself. the girls love looking at my biceps, i love it too, i look at them all the time, if i could fuck my biceps, i'd do it. i feel like they're going to burst.

vinny: dude, that's fucking crazy, that's how i feel about my chest. but you're not only cool, you're also very creative. i love your tattoo, oh my god it's so awesome.

tony: yeah man, it's so inspirational, i drew it myself. i like yours too, its fucking amazing.

vinny: thanks bro, yeah, i fucking love it, barb wire and shit, so fucking cool.

tony: yeah man, fuck this shit, let's go do some lines.

hey douche, put your bag on the floor

hey douche, yeah you with the big backpack on your back, you know who you are. fucking ass. next time you enter a crowded bus, or any other form of transit system, take your bag off and place it between your wimpy fucking legs. because it's already bad that i'm squeezed between your ass and a smelly eastern euro.

big douche

dear muscledouche, I'll bet a grand that your wife has a hard time finding your balls in the dark or for the matter of fact, you're so damn fucking tanned, she probably can't even see you in the dark. but how could she miss that beautiful smile, and that pedo face. oh boy, I hope that little kid is not your son.

Thursday, April 22, 2010